Available funds to encourage your business development

We connect the developing MSMEs with Investors who can support financing in a simple, flexible and fast way.
Simple process with minimum requirements documents
Loans without collateral for fixed assets with flexible tenors
Fast approval within 48 hours
Loans explicitly designed for you with the affordable interest among 12% to 20% per year

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Loan Amount

Business credit originated for developing businesses

We are supporting to provide a stable cash flow for your business in the face of immediate changes in needs, additional expenses, or business development, wherever and whenever needed.
Purchase Order Financing
Up to 60%
of Purchase Order amount
Funds to start a project or fulfil your order
Financing period of up to 180 days according to the contract period
Interest rates start at 13% per year
Platform fees beginning from 1% of loans are paid once at the beginning
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Invoice Financing
Up to80%
of invoice amount
Speed up your trade receivables to raise business liquidity
The period of financing is up to 180 days according to the invoice period
Interest rates start at 12% per year
Platform fees rising from 1% of loans are paid once at the beginning.
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Working Capital Financing
Up to2 Billion Rupiahs
without fixed collateral assets
Financing for your business extension
The term of up to 12 months
Interest rates start from 16 % per year
Platform fees starting from 1% of loans are given once at the beginning
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    It only needs a few minutes to fill out our online submission form. Upload the required documents and get approval directly.

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    Easily send us an application for invoice financing that will be payable, fulfilment of contracts that must be completed or working capital demands, and we will take care of the rest.

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    Once the documents are verified, the funds will be disbursed to the designated account within 48 hours.