Brand-new investment alternative by lending through P2P lending platforms

High yields return and attractive

Investing now with peer-to-peer lending services that can be trusted in Indonesia

Discover why we are a peer-to-peer lending that can be trusted in the marketplace

We've embraced and leveraged technology and data innovations to substitute conventional financing mechanisms so that Investors can provide loans directly to acceptable MSMEs in Indonesia.

We’ve also established a strategic partnership to develop innovation and generate mutual benefits applying P2P lending to a better investment opportunity.

Start earning a profit with minimal investment

Minimum commitment is only Rp. 300 million for you to invest. Choose by yourself on how you want to spread risk in your investment.

Save time with Auto Invest

You could save time and effort with Auto Invest - commonly select your investment characteristic and let the platform execute your investment strategy automatically.

Receive an IRR of 8% to 15% per year

Investors on our platform will receive an investment return of 8% to 15% per year before tax.

3 Steps to Invest

Exclusive to accredited investors
  • 1

    Register as an Investor

    You can register anytime online, easily create an account and upload the required documents. Batumbu will then complete the standard check and inform you when your account is ready so you can start investing.

  • 2

    Lend to growing MSME

    Transfer funds into your account to start investing loans. Select quality MSME that you require to supply a loan.

  • 3

    Diversify your portfolio

    You can then select the types of facilities you would like to invest in. Batumbu uses exclusive risk algorithms and learning machines to offer you diversified investment options.