Brand-new investment alternatives with attractive return

Transformation of MSME financing

Pursue to grow with fast loans without collateral

P2P financing services are
simple, flexible, fast
Empowering MSMEs as a
robust economic foundation
A reliable and trusted partner
for MSMEs in Indonesia

Empowering MSMEs to develop sustainably

Batumbu presents information technology-based money lending services to connect the cash flow gap for MSMEs. Supported by advanced risk algorithms to evaluate MSME financing and extensive experience in financing MSMEs, our innovative platform provides better financing solutions for MSMEs that have not been optimally served in Indonesia.

By utilising the expertise and experience of Validus Capital (the leading P2P lending service in Singapore supported by Temasek Holdings’ Vertex Ventures) and modified based on Indonesian local wisdom, Batumbu uses a proven, reliable and safe platform to create a better financial service experience. It is better because it is transparent and brings together between Investors and Wira UMKM in its marketplace. And also, it is better because it is supported not only MSME growth but also encourages Indonesia’s economic growth.

Easy and Transparent

Straightforward process with minimum requirement documents

Fast Approval

Receive your business loan decision within 48 hours

Affordable Interest Costs

Including the affordable interest of 12% to 20% per year


Providing High Yields

Around the equivalent of 8% to 15% gross annual return before tax

Determined / Measured Risk

Appropriating technology, integrated risk management systems in the field, and the loans are guaranteed by high quality

Diversify/Expand your portfolio

Determine yourself on how you want to arrange the allocation of risk profiles in your investment portfolio

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