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Batumbu: Driving Financial Inclusion via Fintech P2P Lending for Indonesian MSMEs

The low penetration of financing in the MSME sector in Indonesia remains a major issue faced by the MSME sector today, with millions of under-served MSMEs unable to access adequate funding for their growth and development. As MSMEs are the backbone of Indonesia’s economy, it is crucial to empower MSMEs with fast and easily accessible, digital MSME business capital financing solutions, to further drive Indonesia’s economic growth and prosperity.

In 2019, Batumbu was established as an alternative P2P financing solution for Indonesian MSMEs. Batumbu (PT Berdayakan Usaha Indonesia) operates in the productive sector financing for MSMEs, and is the Indonesian entity of Validus, the top MSME financing platform in Southeast Asia today, with leadership positions across all its four markets - Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Through strategic supply chain partnerships with large corporations, alternative trade and credit data, financial technology, and AI, Batumbu is expanding Indonesian MSMEs’ access to faster, easier, and more accessible business financing solutions.

Key Factors in Providing Business Capital Financing for Indonesian MSMEs

External factors include accessibility of infrastructure due to demographic factors and availability of financing products with costs acceptable to the economic value of MSME players.

Meanwhile, internal factors include the limited level of financial literacy and business record management, which are crucial factors for Indonesian MSME players to access business capital financing.

Batumbu's P2P Fintech Lending Solution for Indonesian MSMEs

Fintech peer-to-peer lending for MSMEs, also known as P2P lending, refers to the direct lending and borrowing between individuals and businesses, through an online fintech platform. In P2P lending, businesses in need of funds are connected to individual investors willing to invest in MSME credit by lending money to growing MSMEs, via an AI-driven financial technology platform. P2P lending democratizes MSMEs’ access to diverse funding sources, harnessing the power of collective capital to fuel economic growth and promote MSME financial inclusion.

For Indonesian MSMEs, Batumbu’s P2P fintech lending platform is an alternative MSME funding avenue to access much-needed business capital quickly, without the usual hurdles encountered in traditional financing channels.

Given that many Indonesian MSMEs are unable to qualify for financing from banks without audited financials, business plan projections, and collateral, Batumbu focuses on closing the financing gap by leveraging alternative data sources, along with data from the businesses, to underwrite credit for MSMEs. Batumbu also leverages its strategic supply chain financing partnerships with large corporations in industries such as FMCG, making it easier and more convenient for under-served MSMEs in the supply chains of these large corporations to access the business capital for growth.

Batumbu's Financing Distribution for Indonesian MSMEs

Batumbu continues to make a significant contribution towards advancing economic growth and prosperity for Indonesian MSMEs.

In Q4, October 2023, Batumbu has successfully recorded a total financing distribution since its establishment in 2018, amounting to Rp 23.2 trillion across 27 provinces in Indonesia, with a 99.53% repayment success rate (TKB).

In recognition of Batumbu’s efforts in advancing MSME growth in Indonesia, Batumbu received the “Fastest Growing P2P Lender in Indonesia” award from Indonesia Awards Magazine in 2021 and received “Best SME Financing 2023” from The Asian Bankers Awards 2023

Access Business Capital for Growth with Batumbu’s Peer-to-Peer Financing Solutions for Indonesian MSMEs

Batumbu has a clear vision and mission: To drive MSME financial inclusion, develop MSMEs’ growth potential, and fulfill the aspirations of MSME players by providing easier and faster access to relevant business financing products.In doing so, Batumbu aims to empower MSME communities and create a sustainable MSME ecosystem.

Akses Modal Usaha untuk Pertumbuhan UMKM Indonesia dengan Solusi Pembiayaan Peer-to-Peer oleh Batumbu

Batumbu memiliki visi dan misi yang jelas, yaitu: Mendorong inklusi keuangan UMKM, mengembangkan potensi pertumbuhan UMKM, dan memenuhi aspirasi pelaku UMKM dengan memberi akses yang lebih mudah dan cepat terhadap produk pendanaan usaha yang relevan. Dengan begitu, Batumbu bertujuan untuk memberdayakan komunitas UMKM dan menciptakan ekosistem UMKM yang berkelanjutan.

Interested to learn more about Batumbu’s peer-to-peer financing solutions for Indonesian MSMEs? Contact us today at bersamamu@batumbu.id

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