Who is Batumbu?

Batumbu drives as a catalyst for sustainable growth for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). By online-based lending and borrowing facilities, we connect MSMEs with Investors to get simpler and faster with flexible financing at affordable costs. Established in 2018, Batumbu is a peer-to-peer lending platform that can be trusted and registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as an Information Technology-Based Borrowing and Borrowing Service Provider.
Currently, Batumbu has a focus area in Jabodetabek, but shortly we will expand our services in other cities in Indonesia.

What currency does Batumbu transact in?

Batumbu transacts in Rupiah.

What differentiates Batumbu from banks in general?

Batumbu does not have a banking license and does not operate as a bank. We are a platform that brings mutually connecting Investors and MSMEs. We aim to accommodate access to finance for MSMEs that cannot be funded by banks or other financial institutions, as well as provide an alternative investment for Investors who require to support the growth of quality MSMEs in Indonesia.

Can Batumbu lend money directly?

The main purpose of Batumbu is to connect the two parties between Investor and MSMEs through the platform. In particular cases, we may be able to engage in by suggesting opportunities for financing MSMEs to Shareholders or Batumbu’s Management.

Why should Investors and MSMEs choose Batumbu?

Batumbu offers an opportunity for Investors to earn a higher rate with a range of risks. The selection of the feature MSMEs with proven, reliable and secure algorithms adopted from Validus Capital in Singapore and combined with local wisdom in Indonesia will present protection and the preference for investing on Investors’ side. Also, MSMEs can get competitive loan rates because the Investor on the Batumbu platform is an accredited Investor who is assigned to the growth of MSMEs in Indonesia. Batumbu perceives the financial needs of a developing business, so we will provide and support MSMEs specifically through this platform.

Who can access the platform?

Only registered MSMEs and Investors have access to the platform.

How secure is privacy and data protection?

Batumbu’s website is encrypted using an absolute cipher suite. The website uses TLS 1.2. The website is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM and uses RSA as the key exchange mechanism also the website having EV SSL Certificate.

Is Batumbu regulated?

Batumbu has registered to Financial Services Authority in Indonesia (OJK) as an Information Technology-Based Financing and Financing Service Provider.


Investor Relations (IR) Team We are ready to help those who want to start lending. Please contact us to learn more about how to make loans through our services.

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Batumbu is a catalyst for sustainable growth for MSMEs in Indonesia. Our Services connect qualified Wira UMKM with accredited Lenders.

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What is the eligibility criteria for MSME?

You must be a productive economic enterprise in Indonesia in the form of individual business, CV or PT which holds the annual income of up to Rp. 50 billion. It can be acceptable in operating a business that is simplistic yet trustworthy, including it has a good reputation and aspires to strengthen its business.

What sort of projects that can be funded through Batumbu?

Funding that can be provided through Batumbu is Invoice Financing, Purchase Order Financing and Working Capital Financing.

How much funding can I get?

It depends on fitting your requirements, the results of an analysis of your business and the amounts needed.

What documents do I need to prepare for loan application?

The minimum documents required for submission include identity documents (KTP for individuals and deed of establishment and authorization from Kemenkumham for companies), Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Trade Business Licenses and documents for proof of financing needs (invoices, work contracts, financial statements, bank statements, or other similar documents).

What is the interest rate?

It can differ from 12% to 20% per year, depending on the risk profile of MSMEs and loan products submitted.

What is the facility application process?

Firstly, UMKM needs to enrol the platform. UMKM itself will receive the verification through email address and cell phone number. After the verification has succeeded, MSME continues the registration by filling the inquired data and uploading the required documents. Once registered, MSME can apply for loans through the platform, which will then be reviewed by Batumbu. If it can be approved, we will upload a financing application on the platform then registered Investor can identify and accept it. If a loan proposal has been fully funded by the Investor, the loan facility will be disbursed and the funds will be transferred.

How soon do facilities get approved?

Maximum within 48 hours after the Batumbu Team accepts all essential documents and information.

How soon can I receive funds?

Normally within 48 hours after your loan application has been fully funded on our platform.

What is the repayment period?

  • Working Capital Financing – Repayment period is as required as a maximum of 12 months.
  • Invoice Financing – Repayment period is according to invoice period or a maximum of 180 days.
  • Purchase Order Financing – Repayment period is according to the contract period or a maximum of 180 days.

What is the repayment mechanism?

Can be done via bank travel.

Will my business information and financials be made public?

A summary of your business, risks and other factors correlated to your financing application, along with other details about your business, will be given to our partners who are involved in the process of determining risk profiles, insurance companies, and private credit bureaus, and of course, as well as registered Investors on the platform.

What if I default on payment?

In addition to the loan interest that has been agreed upon, you will be subject to a late fine in accordance with the specifications contained in the Financing Agreement. We can use the advantage of debt collectors and carry out legal processes if necessary. Indeed, we actually hope this won’t happen!

How can a credit rating affect my loan application process?

Your credit rating will determine the rate of interest. If you have a high (good) credit rating, interest rates may be lower. Furthermore, if your credit rating is not satisfying, the interest rate may be higher.

Do I need collateral?

We do not require any collateral from fixed assets, but as such to guarantee decent application and increase bond morale, we need the existence of an underlying document (reference document) for the evidence of disbursement and Personal Warranty.


Investor Relations (IR) Team We are ready to help those who want to start lending. Please contact us to learn more about how to make loans through our services.

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About Us

Batumbu is a catalyst for sustainable growth for MSMEs in Indonesia. Our Services connect qualified Wira UMKM with accredited Lenders.

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Who can invest through Batumbu?

You can register to be an investor with Batumbu if you are an individual from Indonesian citizens or Foreigners, Business Entity or Legal Entity both for Indonesian and Foreign and also other International Institutions. To have an accredited as an investor through Batumbu service, you must fulfil the minimum requirements for net assets and also financing commitments. Contact our Investor Relations Team (ir@batumbu.id) for more information.

What is the investing/lending process?

You must register as an Investor through Batumbu platform. The first stage will verification completed from email address and cellular number. After the verification succeeded, you will continue the registration process by appointing in some data and uploading the required documents. Once your registration has accredited by Batumbu, you can prepare and send the sum of money which will dispense as a loan through the selected escrow account. This amount will appear as ‘Available Funds’ in the Investor’s dashboard through Batumbu account. You can utilise this fund to provide the loan in facilities that are ready to be funded after you have conducted a risk assessment which is appropriate with your own appetite.

What fees do Investors pay to Batumbu?

We charge a platform fee of a certain percentage of the income received from MSMEs for loans given according to those stated in the Lending Agreement. Also, to protect funds that you invest, you can take part in a compensation insurance program by spending a premium according to the provisions.

Is there any minimum amount that I can invest?

Yes, there is a minimum loan commitment of IDR 300 million during a minimum of 6 months.

Is there any maximum amount that I can invest?

There is neither. Nevertheless, we suggest you beware and diversify your risk by developing your investment at various facilities. This process of risk diversification can provide better returns in the long term.

How long does the loan period persist?

Maximum 180 days for Invoice Financing dan Purchase Order Financing also maximum 12 months for Working Capital Financing.

What (Internal Rate of Return) IRR level can I receive?

We estimate returns between 8% to 15% per year before tax depending on the type of facility. We recommend that you also take into account the risk of late payments and defaults to perceive an expected value of portfolio return that has adapted for risk.

Is my money safe with Batumbu?

Batumbu does NOT utilise your money toward operational activities. Your money has operated through a designated escrow account. It will be used delivering loans to MSMEs that you have chosen by yourself. Also, all MSME repayments are funded into that escrow account.

Is there any interest rate on the money that I invest?

No, as these are high risk, high yield investments. You can determine how you supply loans through the Batumbu platform at your personal preference. Investors should consider carefully the risks of investing and may require examining separate independent advice before committing to investing.

What are the tax consequences of investing?

We are unable to guide you on your tax concerns.

Will I know who the MSMEs are?

Yes, the MSME’s name and business profile will be available to you on the platform. However, you are legally bound not to contact MSMEs directly. Each of your questions should be submitted through the Batumbu Team.

How do Batumbu assess the credit of the MSMEs?

Credit Analyst Team of Batumbu employs fraud verification algorithms and credit algorithms to identify the risk profile of MSMEs. However, we also suggest you executing your own assessment of MSMEs.

What rating agency does Batumbu work with?

Batumbu cooperates with one of the leading rating agencies in Indonesia.

What happens if MSME makes late repayments?

A late fee will be charged. That cost can be eliminated in portion or in full based on Batumbu policy with particular considerations per case.

What happens if MSME defaults?

Debt collection and legal force can be taken.

What happens if the MSME no longer operates or closes?

MSME loans remain attached and must be returned until paid off, besides if it determined differently regarding a decision that has a permanent legal force.

How do Batumbu prevent MSME fraud?

We consider MSMEs and its shareholders and directors as a whole but keep in mind that total prevention of fraud is difficult to do.


Investor Relations (IR) Team We are ready to help those who want to start lending. Please contact us to learn more about how to make loans through our services.

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Batumbu is a catalyst for sustainable growth for MSMEs in Indonesia. Our Services connect qualified Wira UMKM with accredited Lenders.

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